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3 Surprising Telemedicine Uses

By now, you’ve most likely heard about telemedicine being used in hospitals, ambulances, and doctor’s offices—and maybe even workplaces and pharmacies—but the technology is appearing in more places than you might think. Of all the places that are leveraging these services, here are just three of the most intriguing telemedicine uses.

Grocery Stores

OK, maybe this one isn’t so surprising since it isn’t a huge leap from pharmacies. However, have you ever dreamed of squeezing in a medical consultation with your grocery shopping? Kaiser Permanente has partnered with Wal-Mart by providing clinicians to operate telemedicine kiosks in two California retail locations; on a walk-in basis, patients can consult with a physician in a private room. Similarly, MercyCare Community Physicians is working with a Hy-Vee store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In this setup, on-site nurses assist by examining patients with telemedicine devices. Both of these systems aim to increase convenience and access to care for consumers.

The High Seas

Sailors have long resigned themselves to the isolation of being at sea, but they no longer have to delay medical treatment until returning to shore. Telemedicine has begun making inroads with this neglected population, led by a British initiative called Medical Support Offshore. Through this program, seafarers can use the technology to consult with onshore physicians to receive immediate medical advice. Although resources may be limited while at sea, the ability to receive emergency advice and treatment can be a life-saver.

Disaster Zones

Recently, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced that it will implement an international telemedicine program; a field test was conducted in September 2015 in Ukraine. The goal is to supplement disaster response efforts worldwide by expanding the capacity for medical treatment. Previously, relief organizations were limited to on-site staff expertise, but the new initiative will outfit first responders with mobile kits that can connect via satellite to clinicians anywhere; this will offer disaster victims diagnoses and suggestions for treatment.

Thanks to our ever-advancing technology, medicine is no longer limited to the traditional medical venues. Whether we’re bringing doctors to the most isolated regions or the most commonly visited buildings, we’re taking healthcare to the next level. And it all started with listening to the voice of the patient.

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