Reliable real-Time Video Telemedicine Encounters – Even On the Go!

The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack is the first a plug-and-play backpack that enables real-time video medicine in truly mobile environments. It includes everything needed for a reliable, exceptional-quality live video telemedicine encounter in an ambulance, including antennas, redundant dual-modem connection, 15-hour battery, integrated speaker/microphone, two digital scopes, and ruggedized sunlight-readable tablet with camera. With DOT, providers can see patients from any angle, and use any device to provide life-saving care while in transit – without worrying if the connection will be lost. Light, portable, and easy to use, the DOT Telemedicine Backpack comes with an Ferno Intraxx module for easy snap-in/snap-out access to:
•The backpack
•Tablet computer
•IP PTZ camera
•Noise-cancelling speaker microphones

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