Dr Alex Sommers of Astia Health

Astia Health Brings Medical Care To You

Remember when doctors used to make house calls routinely? The days of personalized, in-home medical care are returning, but with a twist. Thanks to video medicine technology, Wisconsin company Astia Health can connect you with a physician, no matter where you are, and deliver treatment to your doorstep. This service is available for Marathon County residents and businesses and is equipped to handle ailments ranging from the common cold to urgent care services—and can even perform ultrasounds, x-rays, and casting.

The program works by connecting the patient to a doctor via phone or video call for a preliminary assessment. Next, medical professionals travel to the patient to continue the video call and to provide treatment and medicines as needed.

Dr. Alexander Sommers, the founder of Astia Health, was looking for a reliable, high-quality, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine provider. He found a partner in swyMed, a video medicine platform designed specifically for healthcare applications. Combined with their healthcare professionals and Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) vehicle, the result is an innovative and responsive model of care that values the patient’s time, privacy, and convenience.

The ability to bring the doctor anywhere affordably can radically change the way patients seek care, especially those who cannot take a day off work to visit the doctor or those who cannot travel easily to visit a doctor’s office.

To see Astia Health’s mobile medicine service featured on CBS news, click here.

To learn more about swyMed, click here.

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