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Time-critical mobile telemedicine consults require simple, fast, highly reliable video telemedicine technology. The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack delivers exceptional-quality video visits at the lowest bandwidth in the market. Truly.

Unlike existing live video telemedicine solutions, which are heavy, difficult to transport, expensive, and offer unreliable connectivity, the swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack is light, portable, easy to use, and delivers unparalleled connectivity — giving mobile care providers the ability to connect to doctors for real-time video visits anywhere, any time.


swyMed’s patent-pending software overcomes traditional connectivity issues to enable medical professionals to treat and monitor patients from anywhere through reliable live video. Our proprietary data transport protocol enables us to deliver exceptional-quality audio and video where most other video software platforms simply can’t maintain a connection.

Exceptional ROI

swyMed’s DOT Telemedicine Backpack delivers the lowest cost of ownership of any video telemedicine solution on the market today. Side-by-side comparisons with other vendors’ solutions show savings up to 60%, depending on current contract. In telestroke applications, swyMed delivers immediate savings to health systems of $38,000 per ambulance per year, with a payback period of less than two months.

With the swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack, there is no need to purchase new equipment — existing computers, laptops, tablets, networks and servers can integrate with swyMed. The DOT Telemedicine Backpack works as well on fixed networks and within the hospital system as it does in the field, and requires no additional specialized technical support to deploy and begin to use.


The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack is simple to use, with an intuitive user interface even for beginners. Our free SDK and open APIs allow you to easily integrate and/or customize the swyMed platform to adapt or complement existing workflows.

Fully secure and HITRUST-certified, the swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack offers unparalleled interoperability, enabling caregivers and hospital personnel to:

    • Push/pull from any EMR
    • Collaborate with PACS
    • Integrate with Active Directory, traditional video conferencing devices and other video conferencing software and IP phone systems
    • Integrate with scheduling, provisioning and reporting
    • Achieve remote control of certified robots
    • Monitor vital signs through certified third-party wireless devices
    • GPS monitoring

The DOT Telemedicine Backpack also offer Ferno Intraxx for easy snap-in/snap-out modular access for tablet computer, IP PTZ camera and noise-cancelling speaker microphones.

Customer Proven

Today, our technology is being used in thousands of telemedicine encounters throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Examples include the largest Tier 1 Trauma Center in Virginia (VCU), which is using swyMed on ambulances for telestroke, the University of Texas Health – Houston, which has begun using swyMed on their Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) and many, many more for home health, Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) programs, and other innovative value-based programs.

The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack is based on time-tested technology developed more than two decades ago to work over satellite for reliable data transmission for the 1996 Olympic Games. In the intervening decades, we’ve applied our experience and expertise to enhance the technology to work over broadband and cellular networks, as well as IP over satellite. NO other technology can provide a more reliable connection.

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