Covenant Healthcare Systems

covenantCovenant HealthCare is one of the largest, most comprehensive health care facilities north of metro Detroit. The facility has more than 600 beds, and a complete range of medical services. Covenant serves the health care needs of 6 counties in east central Michigan. With more than 14 inpatient and outpatient facilities, Covenant HealthCare offers convenience and easy access to high quality care through a main “campus” of six buildings, plus an additional five outside facilities.

From 2001 to 2005, the facility had an internal team looking into ways to respond to growing requests from rural hospitals for services. In 2006, an internal Innovations Committee was looking at meeting efficiency and how to link conference rooms. The team reviewed hardware-based offerings from Polycom and Tandberg, but the financial investments needed to bring those systems online were too great. In 2007/2008 one member of the innovation committee built a case study around the use of software-based video conferencing and obtained approval from the Director of Physician Relations, then the Chief Medical Officer and finally the hospital CEO.

Originally purchased as simply a conference room solution, increasing trust brought about numerous medical applications for swyMed, all of which have had great success.  Read more about swyMed’s use at Covenant HealthCare by filling in the form at right.

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