River Edge Behavioral Health

logo-river-edge-behavioral-health-centerRiver Edge Behavioral Health Center—a comprehensive community-based provider of treatment and prevention services in Macon, Georgia—has been using swyMed to bridge service gaps between health care professionals and clients living in suburban and rural communities in Georgia. By allowing “field teams” to connect back to “home base” clinics, it has improved client access to care, enhanced clinical outcomes, increased staff retention, and lowered operating costs.

In FY 2010, River Edge served 6 clients via Telemedicine. In FY 2011, 423 clients were served via Telemedicine, and in FY 2012, 516 unduplicated clients were served using only a laptop and any form of internet connection (including air card). River Edge currently serves nearly 1500 telehealth patients using swyMed.

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