Community Paramedicine programs are standing up across the US.  Why?  Because they work.  In study after study, proactive visits to chronic care, recently discharged, and 911 “frequent flyers” have proven to:

  1. Improve patient compliance and outcomes due to personal visits and assistance/reminders from EMS and clinical staff
  2. Improve patient satisfaction due to the personal attention and convenience of an in-home visit
  3. Reduce 30 day hospital readmissions
  4. Reduce stress on the “true” emergency response system by eliminating a significant percentage of non-emergency calls

What makes a CP program work?  Stable, reliable, high quality communication from field workers visiting patient homes back to case managers, or providers in medical “hub.”  swyMed’s patented software enables CP programs with its resilience in challenging network environments, and ease of installation on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  swyMed delivers the highest quality audio/video interaction with the highest level of HIPAA-compliance and security.  swyMed allows EMS crews to connect with the simplicity of a click-to-call interface.

For regions where internet connectivity is a challenge, swyMed’s software can be supplemented by a DOT Mini or DOT Telemedicine Backpack, smart mobile hotspots that deliver broadband internet where most carriers fail to show up.  The DOT Family gives community paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) programs the reliable, high quality network they need to provide healthcare services any time, any where.  Even in homes with no WiFi and poor cellular connectivity a patient can be treated via live video telemedicine.

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