The DOT Mini

When you need connectivity that is mobile, but it doesn’t have to be portable

The DOT Mini is an intelligent enterprise hotspot that provides unmatched connectivity, allowing care providers to conduct video telemedicine encounters in areas that previously could not be served due to bandwidth limitations.

Powered by swyMed’s patented software, the DOT Mini provides the connectivity backbone needed to ensure a dependable video and audio connection, even in geographies where networks are challenged and bandwidth is limited.

The DOT Mini can be easily mounted into an emergency vehicle, telemedicine cart or building, and while designed for the rigors of critical transports (i.e. mobile telestroke), schools and rural clinics, it can be used in any facility that is lacking the connectivity infrastructure to conduct reliable video visits.

The DOT Mini is equipped with two external MiMo antennas, battery, dual modems, dual carriers, swyMed’s software and comes with professional installation and ongoing technical support. swyMed’s software also provides unmatched interoperability with existing EMRs, PACS and certified third-party diagnostic equipment such as stethoscopes, cameras and ultrasound.

Since it doesn’t need to be portable, the DOT Mini in some instances can be less expensive than the DOT Telemedicine Backpack, but still provides the capability to extend the range of your telemedicine connections, opening new frontiers of service.

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