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DOT Telemedicine Backpack: Secrets Revealed

If you’ve ever wondered just how swyMed’s DOT Telemedicine Backpack can maintain a strong, reliable internet connection in low-bandwidth environments, you’re not alone—it’s a question that has intrigued many curious minds. It does carry redundant dual-modem connections and antennas, but the secret ingredient is none other than the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) edge platform. As explained in a recent Network World article, this technology improves the performance of existing wireless network communications and is able to connect even when it’s far from wireless towers.

Working with Silver Peak, swyMed integrated SD-WAN into the DOT Telemedicine Backpack to provide the capability to directly and securely connect to multiple wireless networks simultaneously, resulting in high-powered mobile communications that are far more dependable than individual network connections. This allows medical professionals to bring their expertise into the field through a telemedicine presence.

So far, the DOT Telemedicine Backpack is becoming popular internationally in locations that have sparse wireless networks, such as parts of India, where rural mothers are using it to connect with doctors. In other areas, paramedics use the technology to communicate with physicians in order to improve patient care in the field or instruct the ambulance to take the patient to a particular hospital that has the resources to provide the level of care needed.

The combination of swyMed’s patented software and the Silver Peak SD-WAN platform undoubtedly boosts the connectivity of wireless connections. Since the SD-WAN uses multiple carriers at a time, it can make real-time, seamless adjustments in the data transport to provide a smooth audiovisual experience. Interestingly, during recent tests on Long Island, the DOT was connected to one tower yielding 50 percent and another tower yielding 70 percent; the two connections were merged to create an aggregate signal strength of 90 percent.

swyMed CEO Stefano Migliorisi sees the Silver Peak SD-WAN platform as being key to the DOT Telemedicine Backpack, which is available throughout Europe and Asia as well as in the US. To hear COO Jeff Urdan describe how the DOT works and stories of how first responders are using it, listen to the podcast here.

To read more about the collaboration between swyMed and Silver Peak, visit Network World here.
To learn more about the swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack, visit our website here.
To hear a podcast of an interview with swyMed COO Jeff Urdan, click here.

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