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What Makes swyMed's Technology Different?

While the some well-known companies in the telemedicine industry have recently been in the headlines for growing pains, swyMed has firmly established itself as the leader in connecting providers and patients in circumstances that other platforms rarely even try. If the local network is overcrowded or has sparse coverage, causing fluctuating or poor network conditions, how can an application hold a steady connection to the internet or cloud server? swyMed has found a way to do exactly that.
Telemedicine for Emergency Rooms Raises Efficiency and Access to Hospital Beds

swyMed Now Available in Apple App Store

The wait is over! The swyMed app has returned to the Apple App Store and is available for download. swyMed offers an industry-leading platform for secure telemedicine consultations, even in poor network conditions.
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Relieving Labor Shortages through Telemedicine Applications

The ongoing COVID pandemic is worsening labor shortages for hospitals across the US. Learn how telemedicine applications can provide relief.
Telemedicine Physician Licensing Needs Updates

Can Telemedicine Physician Licensing Be Updated?

With the explosion of telemedicine use during the COVID-19 pandemic,…
swyMed_mobile_stroke_unit: mHealth Technology makes teleStroke and ET3 programs possible

mHealth Technology Takes ET3 from Concept to Reality

The long-awaited ET3 program is finally here! After delays caused…
Telemedicine Appointments Aren't Available for All Social Groups

Socioeconomic Barriers to Telemedicine Appointments Remain

Although the rapid rise of telemedicine has proven invaluable…
Telemedicine Regulations Represented by Stethoscope, Gavel, and Laptop

The Future of Telemedicine Regulations under the Biden Administration

Twelve months ago, few, if any, could have predicted that the…
Street sign points to Road to Success during telemedicine revolution

Top 4 Tips for Navigating the Telemedicine Revolution Smoothly

At least one good thing is coming from the COVID-19 pandemic.…
Telemedicine for Emergency Rooms Raises Efficiency and Access to Hospital Beds

Telemedicine in Emergency Rooms: An Initial Look

Overcrowding in emergency departments has long been a universal…