Preparing Big Stuff for HIMSS 2015

swyMed at HIMSS 2015 booth 7164

I admit it’s been too long since I last posted here. Well, I have an excuse…

We’ve been busy getting ready for the HIMSS and ATA 2015 conferences. We’re very excited to be going because we believe this is the year swyMed really makes its presence known in the healthcare space.

At HIMSS we will be introducing some very special technology for home health use as well as new partnerships that will make the deployment and delivery of healthcare even easier. HIMSS and ATA will also give you the opportunity to experience QuickPick Technology™, which gives doctors better information to make clinical decisions and more control over what and how they see during a telemedicine session. The conferences also give you the opportunity to see how our new Patient user type creates an immensely more flexible and secure deployment and use experience then standard user licenses.

No U TurnHIMSS will also mark the beginning of the “No U-Turns” and “Merge Bricks and Clicks” campaigns. We know all doctors and healthcare organizations want to reduce re-admissions while still increasing the patient base and providing better healthcare. We also know the power of a good slogan to help really put a point on a cause.Merge

We’ve timed this because 2015 is an important year for telemedicine, and not just because swyMed will be asserting itself more (although my ego would love to believe that). Slowly but surely legislation, reimbursement, and attitudes are catching up to the realities of healthcare communication and delivery technology. As healthcare organizations prepare for Meaningful Use stages 2 and 3 while navigating EHR/EMR adoption and the confusion of what can and cannot be reimbursed or even counts as a telehealth/telemedicine procedure in the first place, it is even more important to get in front of the inevitable digitally interconnected, enhanced, and distributed healthcare.

I don’t want to give away too much at this point but I strongly encourage each and every one of you that can make it to Chicago this upcoming week or to Los Angeles between May 2-5 to stop by our booth and see what we are about. Experience the new UIs, see swyMed used live from a distant moving ambulance, discover our partners, control robots from within swyMed, get fired up about a better model for telemedicine, and introduce yourselves.

From April 12-16 you can find us at McCormick Place in Chicago at the HIMSS 2015 conference, booth #7164.

May 2-5 you can find this at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles at the ATA 2015 Annual Meeting and Tradeshow, booth #803.

If you want to find out more about HIMSS or ATA or swyMed before you go, please give us a call at 855-799-6366 or email

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