Rhode Island State House

Rhode Island to Require Payment Parity for Telemedicine

This summer, Rhode Island became the 31st state to require payment parity for telemedicine services. The new law, the Rhode Island Telemedicine Coverage Act, requires commercial health plans to reimburse for telemedicine-provided services at the same rates at which they pay for in-person visits.

The law takes effect on January 1, 2018, and will cover both real-time telemedicine visits and store-and-forward technology.

We are pleased to see telemedicine parity laws being passed in more states. These laws rightly recognize telemedicine as a tool that allows healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care more efficiently and conveniently for both providers and patients. Regardless of the mechanism of delivery—a live video medicine call or an in-person consultation—a person can receive the necessary care for continued or restored well-being.

To view the full text of the legislation, click here.

To view a demo of the swyMed telemedicine platform, click here.

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