Simplicity and flexibility of provisioning, roll-out and use. Integration is difficult but the end result must be simple to use for the people we work best with: your clinical teams within your clinical workflows. Simple pricing, deployment, on premise or in the cloud, and an intuitive user interface are key characteristics of swyMed that guarantee early buy-in by your management team, and quick adoption by your clinical staff.

Most live video medicine solutions require, even for the simplest installations require several servers (generally 2 to 6), are available only on premise or on the cloud, cannot operate without opening specific ports on your networks, and have price lists that are several pages long.

swyMed is instead extremely simple: it has two prices, one for each line used (a line allows a doctor to talk to another doctor or patient) and the other for EMR integration, due to the need for some custom work in each implementation.

For entry-level installations, swyMed requires only one server that can carry out all functions (once again except EMR integration), and does not require any change to your network. No need to open any port.

White labeling – the production of a version of swyMed that uses your brand rather than ours – is welcome and can be implemented in a day where the customization concerns only name, logo and user interface’s colors.

Furthermore, you can have swyMed installed on premise, use it from our HIPAA compliant cloud, or opt for a combination of the two, using for example an on premise server for ambulatory e-visits, and a cloud-based instance for home telehealth. The choice is yours.

Finally, our user interface is so simple that clients using our cloud were able to move from purchase to an initial roll-out in 48 hours.

Ease of use for all parties involved – finance and administration, IT department, clinical services, patients – is key for adoption, and our entire company is based on the KISS principle….