swyMed Cloud Server

swyMed’s Cloud Server provides secure, encrypted communication between swyMed endpoints anywhere in the world.


The swyMed Cloud leverages the strengths of Microsoft Azure: high availability, multiple connectivity providers, backups and redundancy, as well as a raft of certifications including HiTrust, ISO, PCI, SOC I-III and more.

swyMed servers run in secure, private containers.  Within this environment, a secure, private domain is created for each client and you have direct web access to manage your domain, adding, removing, modifying users, profile groups, default settings, and more.

swyMed uses AES 256 encryption to ensure that all communications from your client endpoints through our server are secure, private and compliant.  No session data is stored on the server beyond the “phone bill” available for audit downloads and billing backup showing number of interactions, length of time, and the user accounts that were connected.

swyMed’s cloud can support tens of thousands of concurrent users and has proven its scalability in a 1,300 endpoint call, the largest, single connection of H323 and software client endpoints ever.

You also have the ability to see server status in real-time through our monitoring panel.  See demo panel here.

If the cloud isn’t your thing, and you have the IT resources to manage your own servers (physical or virtual), you can opt for a swyMed On-Premise deployment.