swyMed Desktop Client

Real-time video telehealth has come a long way…


Gone are the days of dedicated hardware appliances for telehealth.

With swyMed’s lightweight desktop software, your Windows or Mac PC is transformed into a videoconferencing workstation.  Add a camera and a headset, or echo cancelling speaker/mic, and you have a real-time video telehealth workstation manageable by your current PC Support techs and upgraded whenever you refresh your desktop PCs at a fraction of the cost of dedicated video telehealth units.

Use swyMed on the desktop to connect with remote clinics, ambulances, field workers, community paramedics and remote family members.

The intuitive click to call interface can be quickly transformed into a simplified GUI for less skilled users, a tablet mode for users on the go, and the standard mode which delivers a customized set of icons based on the user account type.