swyMed Developing Hands-Free, Remote Patient Evaluation (RPE) System Using Glass

swyMed is currently deploying a telemedicine solution that will enable remote providers to perform patient evaluations with the assistance of a patient-side caregiver using Glass Enterprise Edition as their “workstation.” The swyMed video telemedicine system, using Glass’ lightweight, wearable technology, allows patient-side caregivers to keep their hands free and thus remain fully engaged with the patient while simultaneously bringing the skills and experience of a remote physician to the situation.

swyMed’s Remote Patient Evaluation (RPE) system is part of a larger effort to increase access and manage physician shortages. The healthcare industry is beginning to appreciate remote patient evaluations as the technology to support them becomes more affordable and user friendly. swyMed’s RPE helps innovative healthcare leaders increase efficiencies and reduce visit times, need for follow ups, and medical errors. Altogether, these lead to improved patient outcomes for the same or sometimes even lower costs.

However, within the telemedicine industry, the bandwidth and signal quality needed by most systems to reliably conduct mobile, real-time video encounters, remains a challenge. swyMed’s patented software overcomes these connectivity issues and enables dependable connections in low-bandwidth conditions.

For example, if the available bandwidth needs a boost, the DOT Telemedicine Backpack does just that—it vastly expands the strength and quality of mobile signals. The DOT Telemedicine Backpack gives mobile care providers the ultimate ability to connect to physicians for real-time medicine anywhere, any time. swyMed leverages cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite signals so our customers have confidence that they will connect and stay connected wherever they need to operate.

By combining Glass’ capabilities, swyMed’s advanced video technologies, and the DOT Telemedicine Backpack, the delivery of reliable, high-quality, telemedicine has become a reality virtually anywhere.

To learn more about Glass please visit: http://www.x.company/glass.

To learn more about swyMed’s DOT Telemedicine Backpack please visit: http://swymedical.swyme.com/dot-telemedicine-backpack/.

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