swyMed Mobile Client

The world is changing, and mobile devices are increasingly being integrated into the web of communication in organizations.

BYOD is growing, and users expect the convenience and familiarity of THEIR device

swyMed responds to the “consumerization” of enterprise applications by offering swyMed mobile, the secure, multi-platform telehealth software built for today’s locked down, complex network environments.

Available for iOS and Android, in both phone and tablet form factors, swyMed lets patients, providers and staff connect from where they are, to where they need to be, in a click.

swyMed’s mobile apps bring with them the same strong encryption, enterprise user management features, and focus on quality of the audio/video interaction.

In addition, we have developed our mobile apps to optimize use of the hardware which reduces battery drain, improves throughput and takes advantage of the unique capabilities of each endpoint device.