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swyMed Named in Best Telemedicine Companies for 2019

TechRadar, an international technology news and reviews site, recently assembled a list of the best telemedicine companies for 2019. Out of over 250 telemedicine companies on the market, swyMed is honored to have been named as #3. Besides being able to deliver the expected benefits of telemedicine—including reduced travel, time and costs, as well as increased convenience and efficiency—the top platforms must also have the following essential features, as outlined by TechRadar:

  • Be easy to access and use, for both patients and doctors
  • Provide reliable, flexible tools that can work for multiple scenarios
  • Comply with HIPAA safety and security regulations

TechRadar was particularly impressed with swyMed’s ability to maintain dependable high-quality connections even in low-bandwidth environments and easy integration with EHR, PM, and medical devices. swyMed’s versatility is noteworthy too; the platform can be used in hospitals, for home health monitoring, in emergency situations, for Remote Patient Evaluation, and more.

To read the article, visit TechRadar here.

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