swyMed On Premise Server

Our industry leading cloud server, in YOUR data center

If you have the technical skill and resources to manage your own cloud…

The swyMed cloud server can be installed in your data center, on a physical or virtual machine, fully under the control of your IT Department.

The same industry-leading software that runs in the swyMed Cloud is available on your network, managed by your staff.  swyMed’s On Premise Server is a standard Windows server that is easy to manage and easy on the network thanks to our patented data transport protocol that atomizes data packets for transmission and reassembles and presents them at each endpoint.  We use client-server technology to harness the processing power of each endpoint to encode and decode the encrypted communications stream so there is no VPN required and the server only needs to manage authentication, and routing of calls.

If your IT team is already stretched, or is actively trying to push applications out of the data center, the swyMed Cloud is an option that can scale along with your telemedicine efforts to any size.