swyMed Uses Glass Enterprise Edition to Deliver Hands-Free Telemedicine for Patients and Providers Anytime, Anywhere

Initiative Addresses Physician Shortages and Advances Patient-Centered Virtual Visits

LEXINGTON, MA, July 18, 2017swyMed announced today that as a Glass Partner, it is deploying its industry-leading video telemedicine solution on Glass Enterprise Edition to deliver hands-free, remote evaluations of patients from anywhere in real time.

The healthcare industry recognizes the enhanced value that can be gained from remote patient evaluations including improved patient outcomes, efficient use of the increasingly limited number of physicians, reduced readmissions and time saved by reducing in-person follow-ups. Collectively these benefits translate into reduced medical costs, improved patient convenience and improved outcomes.

However, the telemedicine market faces a significant barrier to remote video encounters today because the bandwidth needed for real-time telemedicine is inconsistent beyond the four walls of a hospital or clinic. swyMed’s patented software, integrated with its DOT Telemedicine Backpack, overcomes the bandwidth challenge and gives mobile care providers the ability to connect to doctors for real-time video medicine –anywhere, anytime. The DOT Telemedicine Backpack is light, easy to use, and delivers unparalleled connectivity in even the most difficult environments.

By combining Glass Enterprise Edition’s wearability, swyMed’s advanced video technologies and the DOT Telemedicine Backpack, the delivery of exceptional-quality, and reliable hands-free telemedicine is now a reality anywhere.

To learn more about Glass Enterprise Edition please visit: www.x.company/glass.

To learn more about swyMed’s DOT Telemedicine Backpack please visit:  http://swymedical.swyme.com/dot-telemedicine-backpack/.

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