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Telemedicine Kiosks Bring Doctor Consults to Workplaces and Retail Locations

For common ailments—such as earaches, rashes, or sprains—is a visit to the doctor really necessary? Thanks to telemedicine kiosks, the answer may soon be a resounding “No.”

In recent months, telemedicine kiosks have begun appearing across the country in pilot programs. These self-contained booths are bringing doctor consults into retail pharmacies, workplaces, and even city halls, making it easier and cheaper for individuals to receive health care for non-emergency needs, especially during nights and weekends.

By combining the “high-tech” world of medicine with the “high-touch” component of primary care, the comfortable kiosks provide a private, secure appointment with a physician without the tediousness of crowded waiting rooms. Sensors within the booth supplement the virtual face-to-face visit with real-time data, while electronic medical records provide the doctor with up-to-date information. This allows the doctor to make a diagnosis, prescribe medicines as needed, establish follow-up treatment, and document the visit in the patient’s medical record.

Critics have questioned whether the quality of care from a kiosk can measure up to an in-office visit, but many physicians are already embracing telemedicine—in any form—as a tool to help them increase the level of care they provide while controlling costs. Perhaps even more importantly, patients are flocking to these booths for their convenience and speed, and they certainly haven’t complained about quality of care.

Doctors may be trained to practice medicine a certain way, but as technology and the voice of the patient evolve, physicians will adapt—as they have for decades. Why would telemedicine be any different?

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