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Telemedicine for MS Brings Therapy Into the Home

Telemedicine is quickly becoming a game-changer for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). The physical disability caused by MS makes it difficult for patients to visit their doctors and physical therapists, but a recent study found that participating in telerehabilitation programs can improve postural control and balance. For these patients, telemedicine for MS can mean the difference between a devastating fall and regaining balance.

For individuals with MS, leaving the house for a 20-minute appointment can turn into a 2-hour adventure, complete with assistance, shuttles, and walkers. At best, the visit ends with fatigue; at worst, a hospital stay.

In this study, participants used a combination of kinetic video games, a video game console, and virtual reality to perform physical therapy exercises within their homes for 10 weeks. When compared to a control group that received physical therapy in a traditional format—in person, in an external office—the telerehabilitation method showed positive results, suggesting that further investigation into telemedicine for MS is warranted.

Other studies are tackling other challenges typically associated with MS, such as fatigue management and mindfulness meditation, to help patients better handle the stresses and associated symptoms of living with MS.

To read more about how telemedicine is being used to help people with MS, click here.

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