There is more to life than working for a software company. Here’s why we get up in the morning…


Today’s telemedicine is just the beginning.

When we started developing software, nobody knew that we would each have a device in our pockets with more computing power than the rooms full of mainframes that helped put men on the moon.  As we see what we can accomplish in the field of telemedicine and the way delivery of health care is changing, we see a world where swyMed can help innovative healthcare organizations use video to make their doctors’ assessments more efficient, stretch existing resources so they can help more people (including themselves by reducing burn out) and provide access to care at lower cost to the system.  If we did nothing else over the next few years, this would be a reasonable contribution to the human condition.  We could look in the mirror every morning and be happy.

But there is a much larger game taking shape.  As the quality of facial recognition and sensing devices improves, the ability to process large quantities of data for an individual and across populations improves, and Artificial Intelligence is applied to automatically sift changes in observed or measured conditions to alert doctors, patients and care workers, today’s “dumb” audio and video can become very, very smart.

Smart video, coupled with the mobility and lightweight communication that swyMed offers, opens a new world of emerging opportunities where professional quality video helps us to see things that your best friend sees, but somehow you never notice.  A world where checking your cell phone creates a memory stream that can help diagnose you, where a video visit can match your look and affect to millions of patient impressions and outcomes.  We have a long way to go, but it will be an interesting and exciting journey.

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